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Discover adventure like no other at Sentosa Cable Park in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Located on the banks of the renowned Dnepr River, Ukraine’s newest playground opened on September 13, 2013 even as the complex was in the midst of a construction frenzy to complete the various amenities of the park.

The Special Perks of a Day in Sentosa Cable Park

There is something for everyone at Sentosa Cable Park. We have a bar and lounge area where you can hang out and people-watch with friends and family. We have a beautiful beach area for sunbathing and relaxing while watching water sports enthusiasts. Best of all, we have some of the most amazing amenities for wakeboarding, water skiing, and kneeboarding designed for all levels of proficiency.

At Sentosa, your comfort and enjoyment is our main concern. For of all our valued patrons, we provide:

  • Secure locker rooms and modern shower cabins

  • Equipment rental of premium quality water skiing and wakeboarding supplies

  • A Pro Shop with a wide range of goods to meet all your specific requirements

  • A fancy bar & lounge area serving various cocktails and beverages

  • A designated area for special events and parties at the park (Advance reservations are recommended)

  • Free WI-FI service


The 5-pylon Rixen Cableway is the largest of its kind in Ukraine. At 826 meters, the track is longer than similar facilities in Kiev and Moscow. The ride can accommodate 11 people simultaneously. Our Rixen Cableway is constructed over the river with an artificial island on the opposite side and floating walkways from both tracks. The walkways allow riders to get back to shore easily so that they can launch into another ride. The starting ramp is positioned at a right angle to the running cable so that the rider accelerates slowly. Riders can carve turns under the running cable, ride slalom, ski, wakeboard, wake skate, kneeboard, or whatever floats your boat according to your ability.


At Little Bro, our professional operators provide you with safety instructions and train you in the basics of riding. State-of-the-art automatic control technology facilitates the operator’s work so that they can focus on serving our customers to make sure that you have the experience of a lifetime. Little Bro is 120 meters long, and with Easy Start, everyone from beginners to professionals can experience a ride that will make you come back for more. Even advanced and professional riders practice their new tricks on this system, so don’t be surprised to see some famous faces doing their thing at Sentosa Cable Park.


Sentosa Cable Park meets all the venue requirements for national and international water competitions in the following sports: skiing championships, slalom and ski jump competitions and wakeboard championships. Sportsmen from the Sentosa Water Ski Club, European champions in this event, train at Sentosa. The best World riders come are known to use our Rixen park to show their skill level and set new records. Subscribe to our competitions news to stay updated and witness the spine-tingling performances of some of the world’s best water skiers and wakeboarders.

The park was designed to put spectators at the center of the action. The starting area of our cableway is at the core of the complex so that large numbers of visitors and onlookers can cheer on the starting rider, witness the pros performing tricks and enjoy the amazing scenery. This is the heart of Sentosa Cable Park: It is where you want to be.


Wedding Park is a perfect place for the wedding ceremony, a great place for a birthday or children’s party. The lounge is located under a big tent and can accommodate up to one hundred and twenty guests. Party Park comes with everything needed to organize your event: comfortable furniture, tables, professional technical equipment – lighting, sound; special projector for watching movies or sport events.  A magnificent view of the Dnepr River, a feeling of freshness, the beauty of sunset will take your breath away. The opportunity to combine the celebration with water sports will bright up the party.

We are confident its what you need for a perfect celebration or a party.

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